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Dedications to the family that inspired this idea.

This whole brand is dedicated to my family. They have been my solid foundation from birth. The quality people I watched, learned from and have been inspired by have made me the person I am. I am eternally grateful.



Aunt Dode


Maureen S.


Tom The Conservative

Currently visiting the neighborhood is my cousin. She hasn't slowed down or missed a beat. I'm so blown away by someone not feeling up to par, how they can just do everything so perfectly. Maureen was who I asked what should this website be?


She was all about it being positive resources and messages that empower and keep people going. She is another person whose strength and determination this site is modeled after. 

I know through her faith & constant positive attitude that she will be "out of the neighborhood" soon. We already celebrate that day. ❤️

Aunt Dode, AKA Georgie was one of my most perfect aunts. My mom was very ill and weak growing up. Many times I would stay with Aunt Dode. She would try her best to teach me how to be a lady! She showed me personal grooming, style & etiquette, Aunt Georgie had it all. She was handy around the house and be the first one to show up whenever I would move out or into a new apartment. Paintbrush in hand with new towels and bags full of groceries, Aunt Dode knew how to treat her family. She taught me the value of a clean house and organization and always looking hot and sexy in case the young man might be around the block!


I wish you could see the brand you inspired Aunt Georgie because you were the closest thing to perfection I've ever seen. Rest in peace. I know the neighborhood you live in now far surpasses any of them around here.


I remember when I knew my dad was in "the neighborhood." As I walked down the basement stairs, on an overhead shelf I saw blackberry, cherry, celery juice & more cancer-fighting elements stocked high and deep. I asked him if he had this disease and he confirmed it.


I knew he would heal quickly because of his attitude and determination. My father has ALWAYS been preventative. From making sure we didn't drink from aluminum cans or use aluminum foil growing up, to always eating quality natural foods that prevented potential harm. My father was big on teaching the benefits of a healthy lifestyle from a young age.


My dad was the first person to help me fund this start-up and movement. He always ends our phone calls with, "well just tell me what you need." His constant support and love are what drives me to think of ways to help others. Thank you, dad, for

walking the walk.  




My best friend from college Dave married the most beautiful woman ever. She is beyond perfect for him and when I found out she's been "visiting the neighborhood" for a while, my heart sank. Dave has risen to the occasion kicking super husband gears into overdrive and adjusted so many things in his life to healing his wife. 


New foods, fresh juicing, and an incredibly positive attitude have contributed to the excellent care they have been receiving. I'm so proud of his wife for maintaining her strength, optimism, and light. She is truly an example to human beings everywhere on how to head on directly into the challenge. She doesn' miss a beat and I know will be out of those woods before we know it. 


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