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Sponsor a "Shirt Package" with

The Goldy lockS Band

Or Book the band for a

Whole event.

The Goldy lockS Band has been delivering a message of strength, positivity and healthy living to schools, chemical dependency centers, prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, and other treatment centers for years.

We are looking for individuals or companies to sponsor a "Shirt Pack" for hospitals, treatment centers, and medical facilities. The beautiful thing is we invite you to join us giving the patients shirts. We want them to know the company or person behind the gift. Smiles are guaranteed and to complete the time spent, the Goldy lock Band will give an hour-long quiet, gentle acoustic show for the patients feeling well enough to participate.

We want a win-win experience for everyone and to create a movement that is on calendars everywhere for some much-needed joy and entertainment with shirts to remember the occasion. We want to help remind people everywhere, every day that the "CAN."

Goldy lockS Band WIth MN D.A.R.E


Shirt Pack Sponsorship Packages

Some oncologists say being surrounded by positivity and encouraging people can be more powerful than any medical treatment alone. That's why I created I can cer. I wanted to help build and environment of support for the people that we love.

You can give one of the shirts or you can rock a water bottle yourself. Just remember the most important thing you can wear is a smile and to let people let people know that they definitely can. 

Shirt Pack.jpg

Sponsor "Shirts & A Show"

Shirts and a Show, A.K.A. "Shirt Pack's" are a sponsored amount of shirts that are given to the treatment center of your choice. You are invited to come with The Goldy lockS Band to personally give to the patients.

Following is a gentle, quiet acoustic set performed by the band for those feeling good enough to enjoy their pick of over 800 top 40 songs we know and perform weekly in venues across America. 

We want to spread some joy & happiness through your supported gifts and the power of music.


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The Goldy lockS Band Delivers.

We offer the "Shirts and a Show" package with the quiet, gentle acoustic version of the Goldy lockS Band experience.

Here is an example of the full-on show. When people arrive home or when wanting to create fundraising events or other reasons for quality and interactive entertainment, please contact the band through the form with your needs. A special package can be created for you.

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